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© Lead Image © Zentilia,

© Lead Image © Zentilia,

Article from Issue 242/2021

Controls, surveillance, and censorship are increasing rapidly on the Internet. MOFO Linux lets you anonymize your communication on the web with an easy-to-use live system.

It is not only repressive political regimes, such as those in China, Iran, or Turkey, that are purposefully expanding their control and surveillance machinery on the Internet. In many Western countries, too, the Internet is increasingly becoming an object of surveillance and censorship. This is of particular concern to professional groups, such as journalists and lawyers, that need to be able to count on secure private communication to do their work.

With the help of innovative free software, however, these concerns can be readily addressed. There are many mature tools to secure free communication on Linux. However, with conventional distributions, you often have to painstakingly gather the individual tools and sometimes even install them painstakingly by hand.

Not so with MOFO Linux [1], a live system based on Ubuntu, which has been under continuous development for years. Its main focus is to ensure secure communication that is shielded from external influences.


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