OpenVPN counters censorship

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  • OpenVPN

    Firewalls sometimes prohibit everything but everyday surfing, leaving users with no hope of running IRC or streaming servers through the firewall, unless they use a virtual private networking tool like OpenVPN.

  • Open Source Software Works Around China's "Great Firewall"

    Journalists at the Olympic Games 2008 in Peking report that they do not have unrestricted Internet access. The GPL'd OpenVPN software can easily work around censorship of this kind.

  • OpenVPN

    Wireless networks are practical but dangerous at the same time.WEP encryption is unlikely to stop an attacker. But help is at hand in the form of add-on security measures such as an encrypted OpenVPN tunnel.

  • The sys admin's daily grind: sshuttle

    When he doesn't want to deal with OpenVPN version conflicts or congestion control problems during TCP tunneling, Charly catches a ride on sshuttle.

  • Cross-Platform VPN Connections

    Linux clients sometimes need a little help to connect to Windows VPN servers.


  • Internet designed to defeat censorship

    The Internet was originally designed to deliver Military messages even during widespread nuclear bombings. It was assumed the communications networks would be the first targets. So the choice of packet based networks with multiple communications routes was selected. The messages would then have a good chance of getting through.

    Fast forward to now. The Internet uses the same basic message packet design features. When censorship is attempted the network is looks for a different way to deliver the messages. This alternative routing has become a part of the culture surrounding the Internet. Not only is the network looking for alternative routes but people are now behaving like the network. They immediately look for ways to use available network resources and software to achieve the free flow of blocked messages.

    Free and Open Source Software(FOSS) plays an important role by providing software that can be molded to new and unanticipated uses. FOSS provides the tools, in this case OpenVPN, to get the messages through the blockages.

  • Been there, done that

    I did this about 2 years ago for a client who went to live in Saudi Arabia. The government controlled ISP had blocked VOIP so they could force their own paid for VOIP on everyone.

    He connected to a UK server with OpenVPN and could use Skype fine over the tunnel.

    Cryptography is the saviour of Internet privacy.
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