Qt but not "on the Q.T.": Nokia Renames Trolltech

Oct 01, 2008

Not only is the cross-platform Qtopia application framework now called Qt Extended in its current version, but Nokia has renamed recent purchase, Trolltech to Qt Software.

As the Norwegian company announces, the Linux-based Qt Extended is now available in version 4.4. Enhancements include a modular architecture, an improved user interface for touch screens, and real time communication through Telepathy based on the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP).

Trolltech announced end of September that it is now fully integrated into the Nokia Devices unit as Qt Software.

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  • Pronunciation

    The way everyone at Trollte- .. er.. Qt Software says it is "cute". =)
  • Yes, but how do we pronounce it?

    Is it "Kyew Tee" or "cute"
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